Settling back into the Northeast Ohio pace of life; temporary work at a printing equipment auction house

Greeting good people.

Having had a few weeks to settle in after the closure of my Divinity School internship experience in Southern Maryland, I have finally had the chance to 1) create a new blog to reflect my coming time here at home in Northeast Ohio; and 2) get things in order (from jobs to relaxing to projects galore).

In terms of the temporary job mentioned in the title here, I am working for a few weeks to fill in for the shipping guy at a printing auction house where I have previously worked  to fill in temporarily – they know me and trust me, and need the help; and I could definitely use a little bit more money to offer as paltry tribute towards loan payments so the government doesn’t come and kill me in my sleep!

So here I am, surrounded by printing (in this case, typically pre-laser, actual press equipment) gear of large sizes and en masse:

One of the warehouse bays filled with printing equipment awaiting sale and shipping

One of the warehouse bays filled with printing equipment awaiting sale and shipping

… and, well, still large but comparatively smaller than an 18,000 lb machine which folders 175 sheets per minute, these typesets made out of lead:

Old school metal dies for printing documents

Old school wooden typesets for printing documents

Very fascinating to be involved in the world of commercial shipping and industrial printing and paper equipment.

Separately, I have been working on several projects around my parents’ house and yard – from repairing one shed and possibly building a carport for three vehicles, to using passive and natural methods of dehumidifying the notoriously humid basement, and so forth (more on these as they develop); and then my car – from learning to MIG weld and fixing the two holes I discovered in the underbody, to running electric lines for rear fog lights, to getting the engine internals cleaner than most whistles.

I specifically aim to get a salaried job only starting in the second half of October, to facilitate time for the projects above, and to simply get some time to rest and relax after an 8 year marathon across 2 continents, a dual major bachelor degree, and 2 separate master degrees.

Stay tuned.


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