Employment at McMaster-Carr: who, what, when, where, why

So as I have excitedly related to many of those around me, I was just this week hired as a salaried employee at McMaster-Carr!

But, as the relatively sparse Wikipedia entry would indicate, the company is very private indeed.  And not everyone reflexively has a handle on what exactly they do, so without further ado: the situation ahead of me as I understand it:

1) Who: the company was founded in 1901 and focuses on premium-grade industrial components (which is a wide definition, covering ground from pipes and fittings; to electrical conduit; to office supplies and janitorial; and much more… 555,000 products worth)

2) What: I was hired as a Business Generalist, which is a relatively generalized title, but for good reason: my first 5 weeks there will be spent in training learning about the company, its philosophy, and how to use its internal catalog system to help ensure the customer gets the right product.  After that, I will (as all new hires do) spend my first period of employment in their Technical Assistance (Written) department – a lot less pressure to research and answer written inquires than face to face or on the phone!! Plus it will be additional time for me to learn their system very well and become comfortable and familiar with its use

3) When: I will start working at McMaster-Carr on October 20, when their next class of new employees will begin training… which is perfect to give me time to finish car, garage, and basement projects here at home!

4) Where: Part of the reason I was so hopeful to gain an interview if not employment – they are a mere 17 miles down the road (just one road, 306) from my parent’s house… talk about an easy commute.

5) Why: As compared with the other jobs I have considered in the Cleveland area, as part of my “live at home for 3 years to save money on rent and put EVERYTHING into paying down loans” plan… McMaster-Carr was something I was very interested by from the very beginning, as a place where I would learn a lot and enjoy myself… as opposed to other jobs I was considering, which would be chores and a 9-5 to just make it through.  I suspect my new job will see my learning all sorts of awesome things (both in the line of work, and because one benefit offered is 100% tuition reimbursement for tuition, fees, and books… and they are a town over from Kent State University… so perhaps I will go get me a free mechanical engineering degree) 🙂

All told, I am SUPER excited and happy:



Stay tuned, as I know more I shall post updates on the blog!


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