Repairs by Repas: starting my own small business

Very exciting news contained below.  Please excuse any overpowering sense of joy and excitement.

Fairly unexpectedly, a long-held intention of mine, to get my own business together for… something… has become a reality in a 15 day span.  I had a small business in DC for computer repair while in DC as an undergraduate for about 6 months before studying abroad and putting that on permanent hold.  But that was something I just wanted to try out, and I didn’t have the capital or expertise to really go places with that work at that time.

What I have done over these past 15 days [editor’s note – this was done in February; this post was finished up on 10/24/16 due to this insane year]was to set up (at the Federal and state levels) a fully registered business for automotive and computer repairs, called “Repairs by Repas.”  As an associated project to this venture, I am also now an authorized dealer of Amsoil – the premier company for synthetic motor oil and additives.

So a few details:

Besides being able to write off related tool purchases for the business, I mostly figured that it might be useful to gain some real business experience in a management role (alongside working as staff at McMaster-Carr; and studying management in an academic setting in Harvard). I most definitely do not plan on this being anything more than a side venture for quite some time to come – but I very much value the opportunities presented!

In short: I looked into the required paperwork and fees and so forth, and did them all online.  It is amazingly easy to start a small business in the state of Ohio, at least for repair work.  Becoming an Amsoil dealer is really easy – just go to their website and reference my account number 5454701 and pay the $30 to set up your account.  Get started making money yourself by selling the best motor oil and additives around!

I am currently carrying a limited Amsoil inventory to help people out who need the oil immediately.  That said, I can order any Amsoil product and have it within a few days if you are in a rush and I don’t have it; otherwise I try to combine orders once or twice per month to greatly reduce shipping costs for all parties.

In terms of repair work, my schedule is relatively open a lot of the time for you to get maintenance done while you wait – and I am happy to take a project home to fix for you, be it car or computer!

Primarily, I will be looking to increase Amsoil sales and take on small repair jobs in order to build up $1500 in revenue.  The reason: that is the minimum daily balance required to have a business checking account without a monthly fee.  Once that is done, I will keep working towards the approximately ~$4000 I will need to get my own welding gear.  THEN, my friends, the repair work will get VERY easy to find, very fast.  More on this once it happens!

All of that said: if you yourself or someone you know is looking for automotive or computer repair, or for really high grade oil which would enable them to go up to 25,000 miles between oil changes, tell them to drop me a line!


Editor’s note, 10/24/16: I did some big sets of jobs over the summer but have otherwise had this venture sit quiet for much of this very busy year. I do not know how much more I hope to do with it beyond an odd job here and there; but I am always happy to connect people with the synthetic fluids to keep their cars going strong via Amsoil.


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